In today’s scenario of different cultures and global villages, a big challenge is developing international institutional links. I am honored to be a part of a unique programme, which is promoting trade and commerce among fellow members of BRICS for the last three years. The Chamber is a platform for the people of BRICS and other friendly nations to interact with one another in understanding international markets to promote trade and business opportunities. Our website reflects the chamber’s interest in providing information, promoting discussions and taking action on challenges that can be addressed through collaboration. Since our founding in 2012, we have been carrying out all our activities committed to make a significant contribution through enhancing local and international business to improve the lives of people in BRICS nations. We have added individuals and advisers who can deliver a good value from social, economic and industrial stand points. We combine these intrinsic strengths to gear up for the future. I urge our well-wishers for their participation in making us realize our dream, to make the Chamber a global success story.

Dr. Anoop Kumar Mittal
President, BRICS CCI