I Dr. Sushi Singh

Convener, BRICS CCI Centre for CSR & Director, S2 Education Champs (OPC) Pvt. Ltd.

Dr. Sushi Singh is an educationist, socialactivist, accomplished sports person & organizational leader. With an experience of 22 years in education sector she is now committed in CSR advocacy. As chief executive officer and consultant of a foundation of India’s largest education solution providing company, she engages herself with students & community at one side & committed in conceptualizing, designing and implementation of social projects at other side. She holds a Ph.D. in Environment science &associate fellow in H.E from Lancaster University. With anadded experience of Harvard Executive Education in Corporate Social Responsibility in 2015,she brings experience, knowledge & expertise to the platform of BRICS Chamber of Commerce & Industry as Governing Body Member & Convener of Centre for CSR, BRICS CCI.