I Capt. Praveen Dahiya

Director, Netrika Consulting India Pvt. Ltd.

An astute leader in the field of Security, Risk, Fraud Examination, Integrity and Compliance with demonstrated background of trustworthiness and professional ethics in domestic and international arena for over 16 years. Capt. Dahiya is an ex. commissioned officer from the prestigious Indian Army. He took retirement after successfully leading teams at the World’s highest battlefield with subzero climate (Siachen Glacier) and counter insurgency environment at J & K. He has successfully handled assignments at India and 15 other countries across Asia, Europe and Americas. He is skilful in handling assignments in a Global environment spread across multiple domains with due consideration to varied Statutory & Compliance decrees. Capt. Dahiya holds considerable working knowledge of some of the world’s best Global Security command centres and has been honoured by SECONA (Secutech) for “The best security project design of the year 2015”. He is a Lead Auditor in ISO/IEC 27001 (Information Security Systems Management), Lead Implementer in ISO 31000 (Risk Management), Certified Fraud Examiner from ACFE (USA), International Crime Prevention Specialist from ISCPP (USA), Certified Anti-Terrorism Specialist from CIISCM and Anti-Money laundry and KYC professional from IIBF (India).