IWorkshop for Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management

Disaster Management

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Disaster Management is the process of mitigation, risks management, preparation of precautionary measure for disaster before it occurs, responding to disaster upon occurrence and thereafter supporting and rebuilding. An effective emergency management relies on integration of emergency plans between response machinery of the government and that of the community to reduce the lethality of the disaster to save human lives and the assets thereof.

Objectives and Focus Area

  • To understand risk associated with natural and man-made disasters
  • Preliminary measures to prevent Disaster Management and how to deal with after effects
  • To provide training on Disaster Preparedness
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Risk and Security
  • Safety and resilience

Theme of The Workshop

  • Risk Reduction and injury prevention for man-made and natural disasters
  • Daily life safety management and emergency preparedness
  • Measures for immediate, proper and effective handling of natural emergency victims

Key Speaker

  • Dr. Anjeli Qwatra
  • Maj.Gen.(Retd) Dr. Bansal



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