An Interaction with our international expert of Centre for CSR, BRICS CCI

At Centre for CSR, BRICS CCI, we aim to create a world of socially responsible corporate sector and entrepreneurs who are able to understand various development issues of the country and find innovative solutions. So, as a conscientious individual, organization or both, You could contribute significantly to urban & rural management and bring a smile to the distraught. Given the wide range of problems you could be in the fore front of solving problems of poverty, literacy, environmental degradation etc.

The foundation of our institute is based on the strong emphasis on research and field work. We have extensive networks in corporate and the social sector that can best develop this niche subject and best CSR practices required by the Nation.

The BRICS CCI Centre for CSR is a three tiered body consisting of office of Convener, Chairman, Advisory Board and Expert Panel Members.


Dr. Pritam Singh, Senior Member, CSR Advisory Board

Dr. Pritam Singh is the Former Director General of International Management Institute, India. Previously, he has been the Director of Management Development Institute (MDI), Gurgaon, India (1994–1998 and 2003–2006), and Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow (IIML), India (1998–2003). An inspiring role model, Dr Pritam Singh has spent his entire life tirelessly doing what he does best: awakening students, academia, corporate heads, and policymakers to raise their excellence to the next level. As the chairman and member of several policymaking committees and bodies of Government of India, he has stamped his perspective on policy issues that surround both management education and corporate management in India.

Dr. B.B.L. Madhukar, Senior Member, CSR Advisory Board

Dr. Madhukar has deep interest in promoting business education and hence is associated with the Board of Several Business Schools Including FORE School of Management as it's Vice President. He is Gold Medalist both in MA (Economics) and in LL.B., in additions to Ph.D. He has held the position of Chairman & Managing Director of MMTC Ltd, a Govt of India enterprise. He is recipient of prestigious "Udyog Ratan" award. He is Secretary General of BRICS Chamber of Commerce & Industry.

Amb Suresh Goel, Senior Member, CSR Advisory Board

Amb Suresh Goel has held the position of Director General, Indian Council of Cultural Relations, Ministry of External Affairs which carries the cultural flag of India in different countries. He has served in various diplomatic positions in Indian Missions in Singapore, Malaysia, China, Egypt and South Africa. He has been the First Secretary with High Commission of India Kuala Lumpur, Embassy of India, Beijing and Permanent Mission of India, New York. He has also served as Deputy Chief of Mission with Embassy of India, Cairo.

Mr. Lalit Kumar Joshi, Senior Member, CSR Advisory Board

Mr. Lalit Kumar Joshi served as Secretary General of India International Centre, New Delhi. Mr. Joshi is also associated with ITC, Welcome Group and Picadily. He has vast experience in Tourism and Hospitality Industry including 27 years of Experience International Centre in India, New Delhi. He is also advisor to the Hon'ble chief Minister of State of Uttrakhand. He serves as a Director of Eagle Hunter Solutions Limited and Brahma Resorts Private limited.

Ms. Sujatha Srikumar, CSR Project Impact Assessment, Audit and Implementation

Ms. Sujatha Srikumar is Promoter Director, Powertec Engineering Pvt. Ltd.An electronics engineer and a management graduate from IIM-A, having 25 years of experience as an Institutional and Project finance expert in infrastructure privatisation and financing, and credit risk evaluation. She was formerly the Director at CRISIL(a subsidiary of Standard & Poor's, USA) and the Chief Operating Officer at IL&FS. Ms Srikumar has extensive experience in area of project development, project risk evaluation, resource raising for projects, structuring of payment security mechanisms, financial engineering for innovative credit enhancement and credit evaluation of infrastructure projects and entities.

Mr. Vishwas Tripathi, CSR Industry Connect

Mr. Vishwas Tripathi Chartered Accountant is a Promoter Partner of V. Sahai Tripathi & Co. His areas of experience are Management consultancy, corporate advisory, taxation & investment planning and business advisory services, audit & taxation, business development and establishing business strategies. He specializes in turnaround strategies and is also actively involved in social activities. He is a professional associated with several organisations of national and international eminence.

Mr. Ashok Kumar Singh, CSR Industry Connect

Mr. Ashok Kumar Singhis highly respected player in International Trade and owns a factory for manufacture of led lights. He is also operating large warehouses and plans to set up an education hub in Bihar.


David Wilcox, Global Leadership and Strategy for CSR

David Wilcox founded Reach Scale to align the social advocacy goals of corporations with high potential social entrepreneurs working in areas of common interest. Creating Reach Scale was a personal response to finding so many exciting and visionary social entrepreneurs with scalable impact models that lacked an organic path to funding and growth. By coupling the talent, leadership and financial resources of leading corporations with the innovative, high impact social enterprises, underutilized resources and the networks of both ecosystems are catalyzed. Wilcox has brought idea-driven and creative advocacy to his work with start ups, Fortune 500s and non profits. He has been a CEO, CMO and head of business development (among other positions) for a number of firms including technology start ups, consulting, think tanks and digital enterprises. With a hybrid background in business and social consciousness, he is currently focusing on global a􀀁ordable housing and education initiatives. A long time resident of Brookline Massachusetts (near Boston), Wilcox has traveled extensively and speaks fluent Spanish. He has an MBA from Harvard and a family of three children who remind him frequently that he doesn't know the coolest slang, in English or in Spanish, and that he should wear a helmet when he rides his bike. To know more about David, visit

Jennifer Sertl, Global Leadership and Strategy for CSR

Jennifer Sertl is an internationally respected author, keynote speaker and the president and founder of Agility3R. Agility3R is a training and development company dedicated to increasing critical thinking skills & leadership development. As a thought leader in the emerging field of corporate consciousness she uses neuroscience and existential philosophy to inspire leaders. Key outcomes of her work include: stronger decision-making capacity, more integral systems thinking and more robust scenario planning. Jennifer's book Strategy, Leadership and the Soul, published by Triarchy Press in the United Kingdom, provides an innovation model that integrates personal development and business strategy. Most recently she was a speaker at Asian Banker Summit in Bangkok, Thailand and Sibos in Osaka, Japan discussing leadership, globalization and innovation. Jennifer runs a business simulation strategy game called Interplay™ that facilitates awareness and personal accountability focused upon quantifying intangible assets and human capital. Caring very deeply about the intersection between human values and technology, She is a strategic advisor to Washington, DC's think tank Center for Policy and Emerging Technology (C-PET). She holds dual majors in English and philosophy from the University of Colorado at Boulder. Jennifer is a contributing writer to Huffington Post.
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Mr. Ravi Dhingra, Leadership and Strategy for CSR

Mr. Ravi Dhingra is IAS (Retd), Former Chief Secretary, Himachal Pradesh. Appointed as an Independent Director, SJVN. He was also a Senior Consultant with National Disaster Management Authority, National Security Council Secretariat and Srikrishna Committee on Andhra Pradesh. Joined Indian Administrative Service in 1972 and has worked in the State & Central Governments in important positions like Chief Secretary- HP, Chairman- HP Electricity Board and Secretary, Govt India, Ministry of Home Affairs, Inter State Council Secretariat. Former Board Member of the Forum of Federations, Canada & Chairman of the Strategic Council of the Forum.

Mr. Amod Kanth, Strategic Communications and Opinion Building

Mr. Amod Kanth is Former DGP & Chairperson, Delhi Commission for Protection of Child Rights (DCPCR), Govt. of NCT Delhi. Presently General Secretary, Prayas Juvenile Aid Centre (JAC) Society, A voluntary Organisation for neglected & delinquent children operating in Delhi, Gujarat, Bihar, Assam, Haryana, Jharkhand, Arunachal Pradesh and Andaman & Nicobar Islands .

Ms. Sushmita Shekhar, CSR Evaluation, Execution and Implementation

Ms. Sushmita Shekhar is Former Secretary General of PHD Chamber of Commerce & Industry she is post graduate in English from Patna University, has over 27 years of experience in the industry, international organizations. She is the President of MA. My Anchor Foundation an NGO working in development sector in different states in India. She is advising REC Power Distribution Company Ltd. (A 'Navratana' Company and Government of India Enterprise) as a senior consultant. She is a consultant in Blackberrys.

Mr. Ashish Srivastava, CSR in Healthcare

Mr. Ashish Srivastava is the Director of Rockland Group of Companies which has legendary professionals from medical fraternity. The Rockland Group deals in Healthcare, Hospitality, Infrastructure, Media and Education.

Mr. Anup K Srivastava, CSR- HR and Accounts

Mr. Anup. K. Srivastava is a Former Director Personnel & Member Board of Directors Air India. Former Director Personnel & Member Board of Directors Indian Airlines.Former Member, Executive Board of Directors SCOPE. A professional accomplished in Corporate Planning & Management of the entire gamut of HR and Industrial Relations with 34 years' experience in the area/field, Experience in leading a big team of Human Resources, Experience in Corporate merger & amalgamation, Experience in Corporate Communications & Public Relations, Led the entire gamut of Customer Services at Corporate level.

Dr Amit Nagpal - Social Media & Marketing Communications

Dr Amit Nagpal PhD is a Business Storyteller, Speaker and Digital Storytelling Coach. He is also a Social Media Influencer. His unique skill lies in inspirational storytelling on social and online media for brand building. He has more than 15 years of work experience in training/coaching and corporates and has featured in several TV, newspaper and online interviews. He has conducted speaking / training for reputed organisations including Accenture, Tata Communications, and associations including PRSI, DMA, STC India and so on. He tweets at @DrAmitInspires.
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Mr. B.R. Saini

Mr. B.R. Saini is engaged in International Business, is also a well known astrologer and fortune teller. He is heading a very reputed music and dance academy which was established about nine decades ago. He has wide contacts and has travelled to a good number of countries. Besides being the President of BRICS Chamber, he is also the President of India CIS Chamber of Commerce and Industry.


Dr. Sushi Singh

Dr. Sushi Singh is an educationist, researcher & socialactivist, accomplished sports person & organization leader. With an experience of 22 years in education sector she is now committed in CSRadvocacy.As chief executive officer and consultant of a foundation of India's largest education solution providing company, she engages herself with students & community at one side & committed in conceptualizing, designing and implementation of social projects at other side. She holds a Ph.D. in Environment science & associate fellow in H.E from Lancaster University. As a recipient of " 29th Dr. S. Radhakrishnan Memorial National Teachers and Media Award" , she brings experience, knowledge & expertise to the platform of BRICS Chamber of Commerce & Industry as Governing Body Member & CSRConvener.


BRICS-CCI Centre for CSR, aims to create a world of socially responsible entrepreneurs who are able to contribute development issues of our country to find innovative solutions for sustainable development as a conscientious individual, organization or both.


• To create a platform for exchange of ideas between companies and stake holders of social development including NGO's and academic institutions with special focus with BRICS countries.

• To evolve a human capital base for CSR.

• To create a research and data support forCSRactivities.

• To provide practical training in the field of CSR.


BRICS Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) is a young not-for-profit organization committed to build an enabling eco-system especially for young entrepreneurs andSMEsegment.We have created a Centre forCSR within the chamber to facilitate some of the following key areas:

1. Create policy framework for engaging SME segment in PPP projects that are mutually meaningful

We shall strive to become a credible organization to help interested organizations set up their CSR agenda and also help them set up adequate monitoring and control systems. These will be process driven, technology enabled for transparency and easy access as well as low on cost solutions. This will encourage organizations and entrepreneurs to engage in this initiative without hassles of managing 'another avoidable' system.

2. CSR advocacy and survey backdrop

We shall strive to increase stakeholder awareness about social impact and how this could be used to promote brand recall as well as meaningful social context.We shall conduct surveys on best practices from both national and international perspectives. International perspectives especially from developing nations context will be relevant to our stakeholders.

3. Expert panel to advise on CSR investment projects

Create a panel of experts in the CCI that could offer Advisory services to organizations. This will entail that the stakeholder organizations will not have to invest in building and monitoring these CSR investments. The chamber will provide alternative modes of CSR investment and at the same time also provide them with impact assessment reports. This will ensure the investments are being used appropriately and for reasons they were meant to be.

4. Carry out Impact Assessment survey to ascertain extent of benefit

The CSR Cell will carry out independent 3rd party Impact Assessment surveys for interested parties. These could be our members or any other organization that may want to assess usability of their investment as well as extent of benefit accruing from it.

5. CSR courses to produce professionally qualified people to work in the area of CSR

In association with some credible educational institutions the chamber will design and conduct Certificate as well as Diploma programs. This will help us build a cadre of professionally qualified people to design and manage CSR projects. Given the vast hinterland and untouched rural population, this could also help engage rural youth and especially women to stay closer to their home and take an active, meaningful role in the story of growing India.

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Mandate of CSR Cell

BRICS Chamber of Commerce & Industry

A CSR cell has been created in BRICS CCI as an effort to help companies which are operating in India with a special emphasis of companies BRICS countries.

In the light of the new companies Act 2013 mandating 2% of company profits for CSR activities it's assumed that 16,000 companies will be undertaking several CSR project in compliance with this directive. This mandates a huge requirement for CSR professionals who are certified to lead CSR projects. Therefore to bridge the gap and to meet the need of the industry, executive education certificate programmes in CSR shall be designed in perfect alignment between management practices, corporate strategies & CSR as per section 135, Companies Act 2013.

1. Facilitate Companies to fulfil the requirements of Companies Act,2013:

The companies'Act 2013 requires certain group of companies to spent 2% on social projects. In order to help the companies achieve the same BRICS CCI shall help companies to draw out policies and projects for the CSR and also help in its execution.

2. Survey and Research of the required needs of the Society for the Implementation of CSR projects:

CSR cell can undertake the survey and research work and come out with need social Intervention in the society for the concerned companies where they can make maximum impact Through their investment

3. Third party Audit:

CSR cell of CCI can work as an independent third party entity for audit of expenditures under CSR for the interested companies.

4. Impact Assessment of the projects undertaken:

Impact assessment study can be undertaken by the CSR cell for the interested companies after the investment has been made by the companies.

5. Awareness program for the Companies:

CSR conclave would be organized by CSR cell of BRICS CCI to increase the awareness and improve the commitment of company professionals.

6. Conducting of Courses for CSR professionals:

There is a need to have a large number of CSR professionals in times to come. CSR cell in collaboration with IICA can help in feasibility study and marketing of feasibility study, design of the course, its duration and help in marketing of the course in consultation with IICA.

7. Maintaining and promoting a list of sanitized NGO:

As a third party platform CSR CELL can help a company meet a responsible and a transparent NGO to carry out the CSR projects of the Companies

8. Identifying global Universities:

CSR CELL would engage with national and international universities for tie ups regarding offering CSR long term courses and awarding joint certificates/ degree.

1. Recognizing the role of CSR, the Government of India n institutionalized a mandatory spend (2% of Profits) on CSR for Indian Companies of a certain size in the new Companies' Act 2013

» This is applicable to companies with a net worth of Rs. 500 core or turnover of Rs. 1,000 core or net profit more than Rs. 5 core in any financial year. They are also required by law to form a CSR Committee – to frame and implement a strategic policy.

2. On 27 February 2014, Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India announced the Corporate Social Responsibility (Policy) Rules 2014 under the Section 135 of the new Companies Act 2013.

» CSR activities shall include: eradication of hunger and poverty, promotion of education, promoting gender equality and women empowerment, reducing child mortality and improving maternal health, combating human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS), malaria and other diseases, ensuring environmental sustainability, employment enhancing vocational skills, social business projects, contribution to the Prime Minister's National Relief Fund.

» One major addition in the Section 135 is provision of up to 5% of the CSR budget for training and capacity building of employees and implementing partners for CSR.

New Delhi, the 27th February' 2014




Well, you can expect from us that we'll challenge your assumptions, disrupt your usual ways of doing business, and introduce you to unexpected ways of thinking for responsible business. you will return to your organization ready to lead change, overcome competitive challenges responsibly, address strategy gaps, and make the most of every opportunity for growth for organization & community.

In Short,

  • Benefit officials of India & other BRICS countries from corporate & public sectors.
  • Learn to run CSR projects across diverse communities.
  • Develop ability to align long term strategic goals of the organization to create financial & social values.
  • Help developing skills to undertake societies' expectation of a responsible organization.
  • Learn about Government regulations & regulatory framework and relate them to your organization.
  • Measure impact investment through post closings.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is critical to long-term business success. In this program, you'll explore the CSR models and best practices that successful large companies are using to drive business and social value across the organization and the community.

You'll also learn how to develop a CSR strategy that aligns with your company's specific goals and social challenges - and empowers you to set priorities, measure results, and create competitive advantage through social responsibility.


Leveraging extensive research and real-life experience, CSR CELL& IICA faculty will prepare you to assess your organization's objectives, plan strategically for the future, create value-added board leadership processes, and ensure your organization's financial sustainability.

Core topics include:

    Integrating Social and Organizational Values
  • Making the business case for social responsibility by calculating costs and benefits
  • Recognizing the links between the welfare of society and the success of the organization
  • Examining opportunities designed to benefit the organization as well as the community
  • Integrating corporate social responsibility best practices into key business areas
  • Identifying and managing the positive and negative impacts of business activities on society
  • Driving Social Responsibility throughout the Organization
  • Aligning social responsibility strategies and goals with organizational objectives
  • Embedding CSR within the business culture to sustain the strategy over the long term
  • Building CSR expertise through hiring and partnerships
  • Integrating social responsibility metrics into general performance management systems
  • Disseminating information on CSR policies throughout the organization
  • Demonstrating how CSR practices continue to affect individuals and departments
  • Communicating the impact of social responsibility to capital markets, shareholders, and other stakeholders
  • Managing Risk and Decision Making
  • Evaluating complex environments and potential impacts before investing capital or making business decisions
  • Interacting successfully with governments, NGOs, and stakeholders
  • Decentralizing CSR to allow for local differences and optimizations across the organization
  • Identifying current vulnerabilities and predicting future pitfalls related to business practices
  • Developing preparation and prevention processes for handling crisis scenarios
  • Integrating CSR initiatives in vendor and supplier agreements


If you are the one in your nonprofit organization who understands and applies innovative business practices and managerial disciplines to drive sustained, high-impact social change, you are the right person for this program.


CSR Long term courses& Degree programs are designed for nonprofit executive directors and chief executive officers who are responsible for driving the organization's direction, mission, policies, and major programs. However, the short term courses gives you insight of best CSR practices of the world and prepares you as confident CSR professionals.

Through recent case studies, lectures, and small group discussions, you will examine how successful businesses develop a CSR strategy that is integrated with the long-term needs of the business. In addition, you will have numerous opportunities to learn from the diverse experiences and perspectives of peers from around the world.

Through case studies of a diverse set of nonprofits, you'll gain an invaluable understanding of the core concepts crucial to nonprofit leadership and strategies. This newfound insight will enable you to lead organizational change by developing customized strategies with community growth plan and effective implementation plans.

BRICS CSR cell in association with IICA faculty members & support would

  • Identify small number of required professionals for short courses in CSR.
  • The professionals may be selected from sunrise industries, very small companies or NGOs who dream big for aligning their organizational goals with greater societal needs would be chosen by a survey & research method. They would be sponsored by big profit making companies as their CSR activities.
  • Short term course beautifully designed by IICA would be tailored to suit the needs of selected professionals. The course would be on weekends with contact hrs as 40-60 hrs .
  • BRICS offices would conduct the course with the help of facilities provided by IICA.
  • On completion, joint certificate by BRICS and IIC would be awarded.

IICA would facilitate best of it’s resources. This Program is developed and taught by faculty who are widely recognized as skilled educators, groundbreaking researchers, and award-winning authors. Through publishing, consulting, and teaching, faculty leverage their business expertise and field-based research to develop enduring concepts that shape the practice of management in responsible business. BRICS would also tap the CSR experts from the business fields for workshops & case studies.

A short online test and interview makes you eligible for the admissions.

Depending upon the courses the resources would be pooled in by collaborating agencies to maximize the potential of participants making their experience enriching and world class.

5th Global Sports Convention 2017

North-East Green Summit 2016






A talk for social entrepreneurs is planned in the month of January 2016 which will be addressed by leading global voice of business storytelling Michael Margolis, Founder, Get Storied, USA.


Centre for CSR will promote the cause of CSR support for women sportspersons thorugh the vent planned in April 2016


Centre for CSR intends to promote the CSR cause especially encouraging CSR support for sports


Centre for CSR, BRICS-CCI in association with Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs organised First National Round Table on CSR entitled "CSR Feedback & Fast Forward" at India International Centre, New Delhi. Jayant Sinha, Minister of State for Finance inaugurated the conference. The Minister of State for Information & Broadcasting, Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore, released a compendium at the event. Noble Laureate Peace 2014, Kailash Satyarthi, through a video message called "for an urgent need for accountability and reporting in CSR". Other speakers at the event included BhaskarChatterjee, Director General and CEO of IICA, GOI; Kiran Chopra, Director at Punjab Kesari; Axel Goethel, CEO of European Institute of Asian Studies; Rahul Dev of Samyak Foundation; and U.D. Choubey, Director General, SCOPE.

Three panels were constituted to discuss one year of CSR legislation: experience of stakeholders; key priorities and focus area to enhance the efficacy of implementation in CSR – the road ahead; and leveraging CSR in healthcare and sanitation: challenges & opportunities. The roundtable brought together leading stakeholders, educationists, policymakers and experts to discuss the challenges of past one year through case studies and good practices and the way forward for the future.


Centre for CSR partnered for "Goals for jobs" initiative in BRICS Football Cup organised at Rugby Stadium, Delhi under the able leadership of H. E G.J. Vaz, CEO Organizing Committee. 'YES BANK BRICS Diplomatic Cup 2015' was supported by DIPP under the 'Make In India' banner and by the All India Football Federation The event successfully met its objective of bringing together people from different ethnic, cultural, religious, linguistic and socio-economic backgrounds among BRICS nations. Internships were provided at The Leela Hotel, New Delhi to young women from underprivileged section. A related event was also hosted by Embassy of Brazil.


BRICS-CCI CENTRE FOR CSR with the support of Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs & Sattva round-table team, has put together a compendium on "CSR Feedback & Fast Forward" with special emphasis on healthcare sector. It discusses issues and challenges faced by different stakeholders in the process of implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility policies (Section 135 of Companies Act, 2013) and various collaborative frameworks adopted by different corporate organizations.


Centre for CSR has entered into a tie up with European Institute for Asian Studies (EIAS), Belgium

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